Aramine says compact DM091HDE ideal for narrow veins

The miniDriller DM901HDE is the most compact drill rig for underground mines, according to its manufacturer, Aramine.

Completing the company’s equipment range for narrow vein mines, the DM901HDE has a diesel engine for tramming and an electric motor for drilling.

The DM901HDE has a low center of gravity which gives an optimal stability and despite its narrowness, its two front stabilizers offer perfect drilling conditions. Given its stability, this machine allows face and vertical drilling.

Aramine’s R&D department has selected from existing technologies to develop this fully autonomous drill rig. Drilling with the DM901HDE only requires a 400-V electric connection and a water supply.

The miniDriller is designed with modular elements so that it can be easily assembled and disassembled in a mine. Only 1,050 mm wide, 1,900 mm tall and 7900 mm long, it sneaks wherever Aramine’s L130 and L150 miniLoader go. Indeed, this new machine is ideal for sections between 6 and 12 m2.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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