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What’s New on the New MINING.COM

Next week we’re launching the next iteration of MINING.COM. Here’s what you can expect:

We’ve been working hard for the last 12 months on the next iteration of MINING.COM and it’s almost time to unveil the new site and release it to the wild. But before we do, we want to give you a little sneak peek into what we’ve cooked up.

First and foremost, we refreshed our brand. It was about time we retired the old miner. He deserves a rest after holding up that pick axe for the last 8 years. In his place, we have a bold new look that better reflects our style and writing. The goal here was something readable and recognizable, but with a sense of humour; we really leaned in to the “Dot” in MINING.COM.

Along with a visual refresh, we’ve also enhanced the layout of the site. We’ve focused the experience back on the user, delivering more stories at a glance, making it easier to find the content you’re most interested in. New features you’ll notice are improved Top Stories, Topic sections, and my favourite, Recommended Articles at the bottom of each story.

We’ve also done significant work behind the scenes to make the site load faster and run smoother. Hopefully you’ll notice the quicker page loads, more consistent layouts, and better ways to find the content you’re interested in, but most importantly, we hope that you just enjoy your time on the site even more.

We’re also working to enhance the mobile version of the site for all devices, and you’ll see small tweaks and improvements over the next few weeks. We recognize that the majority of our readers view our content on mobile devices, and we want to make sure they enjoy the same new features and enhanced experience as our desktop readers.

A Whole New World of Mining Data

Along with all the changes to our news site, we’ve also added several new sections to MINING.COM to enhance your experience. These new sections are very early in their development, but we’ll be constantly iterating on them to bring new features to the MINING.COM ecosystem.


Our new Markets section will bring you mining market related news and data, with a focus on charts and visualizations to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the mining industry. At launch, we’ll have charts and data on commodity closing prices, but we’ll be adding world currency, warehouse levels, and company data over the next few weeks. All this data comes courtesy of the comprehensive and powerful Mining Intelligence database.


Speaking of Mining Intelligence, we’re developing new tools using their massive wealth of mining data to help provide you with more insight into the mining industry and potential opportunities. Look for these tools, such as our Drill Results page, post launch.


Working with Edumine, the leading provider of online education content for the mining industry, we’ve curated a page specifically geared towards readers looking to expand their mining knowledge and add new skills to their repertoire.


Similarly, we’re working with Careermine to bring you an integrated career planning experience on MINING.COM. This section highlights changing trends in the industry that will affect the individuals working in it. We’re also highlighting the best of the best from Careermine’s massive catalogue of employment opportunities, as well as their top tier Employers of Choice.

Look forward to many more integrations from these great providers in the future.

We’ve got lots more surprises planned for the next 12 months of development, but we hope you enjoy the new MINING.COM when it launches next week.