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GALLERY: Art of Mining global photography submissions

Northern Lights at Agnico Eagle Mines’ Meadowbank mine, Nunavut.

“Northern lights have inspired many legends around the world. For the Inuit, they’ve long carried an air of spiritual significance, representing souls of ancestors. To construct a mine in the arctic you need innovation, resiliency and a lot of teamwork, but most importantly you develop an immense appreciation and respect for the people that have lived in this area for thousands of years. In this picture, the Meadowbank mine is seen under the northern lights, as if the souls of Inuit ancestors were keeping a close watch over the well being of the hundreds of Inuit that work there.”

The mining industry is embracing transformation and reimagining the possible, powered by a dynamic workforce, new technologies and diverse ideas. PWC’s 2019 Art of mining participants demonstrated what transformation looks like to them through iconic photography. With over 2,000 votes from around the world, this year’s Art of mining attracted some stunning submissions:

Midland Exploration – Quebec

Midland Exploration, Quebec.

“Exploration in Quebec brings challenges on a daily basis. Midland Exploration’s team has always been creative and innovative as a means to increase productivity, not only in the field with advance geological instruments, but also in the office with inventive software and effective working methods. There are challenges like constant changing temperatures and different soils in remote regions with little infrastructure that require Midland Exploration to be proactive, finding new ideas and technologies to go forward, look beyond the horizon, and stay one of the most active explorers in Quebec.”

Raglan Mine, Quebec, Glencore

Raglan Mine, Glencore

“Our windmill is always of great interest to our visitors. When it came into operation in 2014, it was the first time that renewable energy was deployed in the Quebec Arctic. But the innovation doesn’t stop there: three wind energy storage technologies (flywheel system, lithium-ion battery and hydrogen loop) are currently being tested in order to constantly improve our practices.Our windmill proved to be a huge success: it is the one that has produced the most energy in Canada in 2015-2016 and allows us to annually reduce our diesel consumption by 2.3 million litres.”

OceanaGold – Haile Operation, Kershaw, South Carolina, US

OceanaGold – Haile Operation

“Haile Gold Mine operated from 1827 – 1912 and briefly during the World Wars and the 1990’s. OceanaGold acquired the mine project in 2015 and completed design and construction of an all new, state-of-the-art mine, using the latest technology to build an efficient and low-cost production gold mine. The first gold pour for the new mine was January, 2017. The entire site utilizes Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology for all its lighting. The photograph shows the new SAG mill and Ball mill with LED high bay lights taken under a full moon and Carolina blue sky.”

Sherritt International- Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta

Sherritt International- Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta.

“Innovation starts with people coming together to put great ideas to work.This spirit of innovation has been at the heart of Sherritt’s operations for 90 years. Over the years, our people have contributed to significant improvements in mining, processing and refining. Most notably, we have developed a hydrometallurgical process that has become the global standard for the refining of nickel and cobalt from laterite deposits. Research and development continues today at our Technologies division based in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, who embody our commitment to doing business better by looking for new opportunities to innovate.”

Anaconda Mining – Newfoundland Point Rousse Project

Photo by: Chris Budgell, Mill Superintendent Submitted by: Lynn Hammond, VP Public Relations.

“In 2017 Anaconda Mining established water export access at the Newfoundland Point Rousse Project, ultimately creating an opportunity to turn over 3 million tonnes of waste rock into a competitive product in the seaborne aggregates market.We are now testing product and exploring markets in the agriculture industry to use tailings as a soil enhancement product.
The soon depleted 7 million-tonne Pine Cove Pit has been permitted to become an in-pit tailings storage facility, which has less technical and environmental risks than in conventional, constructed facilities. We use ingenuity, innovation and technology to maximize our potential… From the ground up.”

Lundin Mining

“Drones have provided a dynamic new perspective on large scale industrial mining projects, giving operators a view point that can’t be obtained any other way and opening a new field of technical development that assists all projects areas. We currently utilize drone technology for tasks ranging from 3D mapping & surveying, engineering support, quick visual aid in emergency scenarios, interference evaluation, and status of hard to reach locations. The high-resolution images and video showing project progress and activity tracking enable management to get field data in real time.”

Pan American Silver – Dolores Mine- Mexico

Pan American Silver, Mexico.

“Women bring a fresh approach to the business. Together, we are shaping the future of Pan American Silver” (Underground, Dolores Mine – Mexico, 2017).

B2Gold Namibia’s Otjikoto Mine Solar Power Project


B2Gold Namibia’s Otjikoto Mine Solar Power Project under construction at sunset

“B2Gold Otjikoto is constructing a 5.8 megawatt AC Solar Powered plant that will be integrated into the existing HFO Power Plant as Phase 1 of a 3 phase solar project. The solar plant will reduce emissions from the HFO power plant and continue to benefit the surrounding communities and environmental projects long after the mine has closed.”